Sunt bogat …am mostenit bani …. NOT …

Am primit azi urmatorul mail …il vedeti mai jos. Stau si ma gandesc eu asa cu capu’ …meu … oare exista cineva care pune botul la asa ceva ?
With due respect I am Dr. George Ali Usman from Benin Republic, further more, I’m contacting you basically on the information that centred on your part as the recipient of a financial Instrument hereinafter shall be referred as International Bank draft boldly written in your favor to the tone of €750.000 (Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Euros) payable at any International Settlement worldwide.
In accordance with the knowledgeable instruction given to me by the issuing person “Mr. Honorey Pascal†in respect of the aforesaid cheque, that you helped him tremendously in the past which he is showing his great gratitude for all your collective assistance and contribution towards achieving a height of dignity.
However, I’m delighted to bring to your understanding that three gentle men walk into my office some days ago with the news that you were dead and before you passed on to eternal glory that you named them as your next of kin, therefore the cheque should be released to them as every subsequent charges to enable release the cheque will be paid off by them.
When the Bank Sec. Service Debit note was submitted to my desk for final approval I notice that there are discrepancies as there was no evidence of Authorization latter from your humble self for the change of beneficiary or it equivalent whatever, I urgently summoned the Sec, to stop the release of the financial instrument and place a stop order instruction on the release pending when your views and comments are received with regard to this matter.
In view of the above alertness however, you are therefore required with utmost attention to response with the below information this include:
a)      Your Full Name_________________
b)      Address/City_____________________________
c)      International Passport or Drivers License __________
d)      Telephone Number/Fax______________________________
In receipt of the above info I shall personally forward to you the scanned copy of the International Bank Draft via e-mail attachment, and I shall also advice that you print out and take it directly to your Bank for conformation of the authenticity, while I make adequate arrangement for the delivery through a Bank delivery system as financial Instrument are delivered by a recognized and registered firm. Should you have any question concerning this message do not hesitate to contact me privately as follows:
Anticipating your immediate response
Warmest  Regard.
Dr. U. A. George
+229 93643879
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5 gânduri despre „Sunt bogat …am mostenit bani …. NOT …

  1. Dacă au existat unii care să pună botul la: „Dă drumul la gaz, aprinde un chibrit şi vei vedea pe tavan numele persoanei iubite”…tu ce crezi?

  2. ar trebui sa suni la numarul acela.:))

  3. Nadia : what ? are you serious ? e pe bune ? auzi….. siiiii ….. chiar au vazut numele persoanei iubite ? 😛

  4. Păi asta nu mai ştiu, dar mi se pare oricum un truc inutil. Adică, dacă e persoana iubită, tu ştii cum o cheamă, nu? N-ar fi mai folositor să-ţi arate cine te iubeşte pe tine? 😀

  5. dar poate esti confuz si nu stii pe cine iubesti , si atunci gazul in combinatie cu chibritul aprins te vor ajuta ..repede , sa ai o revelatie …si sa mori eventual apoi 🙂

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