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DRH (“Der Reisende Hogskole” – “The School of the Traveler”) is a network of private schools that work in collaboration with the international NGO Humana People to People; their activity has started about 30 years ago in Denmark. The Norwegian DRH school is situated about 30 km North of Lillehammer and its purpose is to recruit and train volunteers which can activate for an established period of at least 6 months in countries of the Third World. I this particular purpose, the volunteers get the chance to be involved in the life of the DRH community and to contribute at developing its programs while working on their own personal growth in the same time.

Job description…

Development Instructors (or DIs) are people from all over the world, young or old, with or without any previous similar experience that are willing to work and to learn while passing through new experiences, leaded by the will to travel all the way to Africa or India to contribute to the development of very poor regions. The work&training period that DRH Norway proposes is structured in 4 periods:

  • DI Jobber period (4 months of work and accommodation in Denmark, Sweden or Norway, time in which you get the chance to earn the sum needed for starting the training; you will work in clothes collection, promotion, or hotel maintenance)
  • DI period (6 months of intensive training and fundraising for your future project in Africa or India)
  • the program (6 months of volunteering in India, Zambia or Mozambique on projects like Farmers` Club, Child Aid, Total Control of the Epidemics, Teacher Training Colleagues, )
  • Camp Future (2 months of report writing, co-teaching and info meetings hosting, before you return home or leave for another project, depending on your decisions and plans)

Basically, anyone can become a DI and work in one of Humana People to People`s projects as long as they have:

  • good knowledge of English
  • motivation
  • the will to be part of a multinational team
  • financial resources (you will need around 700 euro to get started; the sum includes medical insurance, transportation, enrollment fee of 3000 NOK – approx. 330 euro and other expenses one might have before the departure)

How to …

You can enroll by sending an e-mail at Romania@drh-norway.org. You don`t need to have had any specific training before enrolling but you have to manifest a strong interest in the school`s activities and in Humana People to People`s programs. The duration of the project (DI Job, DI Training, DI in Africa/India and Camp Future) is 18 months.

Other details…

DRH Norway covers your food, accommodation and transportation expenses throughout the whole 18 months period. You get the occasion to visit, get to know and work in at least 3 countries of the world, to interact with people that are interesting through their diversity, to learn and gain experience. Humana People to People will certify you as a qualified person in the humanitarian field and you will also get the chance to start your own programs in Africa, India or Asia.

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