Slowly …

… I am getting more and more away from romania. Some of my writtings will be in english from now on. Not all, but some. My English is not that good, but I will do my best for this. The reason why I want to writte in English  is that I just had a discussion on skype with one of the persons that  marked my existence and he just told me that his romanian is not that good.

And than, I realised that somehow I need to writte it in english. So will be romanian and english for a while. Than will be english and some romanian for a while.Than we will get to have a mix of three, because will get some portuguese involved at some point.

For now it is enough. I will keep informed about me here. But the most important thing is that I am happy ! As happy as I can be in this situation but I am !

The new Minitu!

P.S. enjoy another of the West Coast pictures!







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