Nothing will be impossible

I am tired. Not because what I am doing around here, not because the driving and clothes collection and promotion boring stuff … or for the fact that today I am cleaning dinning room al day and dishwashing for the school and seems like cooking also … but I am tired due to the distance.

If i can bear this 5 months and 6 days I will be able to do everything I want. We are going to be able actually. Because there is no me now, it is us.

I am learning things around here, about me, about caring, about missing, about feelings. Orsi, if you ever read this you have to know that what I told you regarding feelings and emotion was true. I was not able to understand the word. But I am learning, you should be proud of me.

What I am trying to say is that is actually exhausting to have a relation like I have. I need to find the balance point for this. So … not to be too demanding, and find the power to be supporting. Try to understand that for her is not easy there and try not to be a burden and not to make things even more difficult.

And sometime I don’t know how to do it and sometimes actually can’t. I become selfish and demanding. Not controling, or at least I think so.

So, yes, I am tired, and it is exhausting, but I am happy. Happy and tired. And definitely in love and therefore sometimes I am just completely idiot and stupid and …well …what can I do ?

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2 gânduri despre „Nothing will be impossible

  1. Orsi

    She is definitely proud… indeed… And hope you are fine and strong, and the most impartant thing: HAPPY. 🙂 This 5 months will pass very fast. 1 is already gone so… Just try to enjoy the life in Norway, as we (i guess i can speak in the name of the others) try to do our best here.

    P.S.: So enjoy every moment (sunsets, conversations with the Friends, even CC) there Honey!(Trust me i would do the same if i were You.) Otherwise You are gonna get to know how is an angry Co-teacher…

  2. lol … Orsi … this is something I was not expecting ! I am glad and honoured to see you around here! I can harldy wait to see you again! And yes, I am happy. and no, I have no problems with those 2 words :)… hugs …a lot , and cant wait to see your first month report … Honey !

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