I  ve warned you that this is a personal blog. As I rembered it started when I started my „big” firm, because I did not having time for friends and going out and I had to express somehow what I feel. And I am still doing it now.

I have a dream. Somehow I think I’ve heard this before 🙂  … but still … I have a dream.

But first, I need to tell that half of the ecuation is solved. So, by now I found out with whom I want to spend the rest of my life … so I can stop searching.  Now, the only thing is to figure it out where we want to do that and how to get there :)…

We only now that at some point … we want to do something for us, but also for the community. Both want to travel a lot, both want to get involved with umanitarium work, and help in one way or another , and start building something that will give back to the community that will receive us. Like an eco -friendly rural hostel … somehow …

It is not going to be romania, more than sure, and also will not be portugal … so now we are just planning things.

If somehow you now how I can get tomorrow in Mozambique, do not hesitate to let me now … 🙂 …

The diference for me is now, that even if the situation it’s complicated, I am really happy.  And opthimistic …

I’ve warned you that this is a personal blog … you should listen next time 🙂


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2 gânduri despre „dreams…

  1. hm, deci ti-ai internationalizat blogul !
    Sa ne spui si noua – la ce ora e globalizarea ? 🙂

  2. Salut!
    Vrei sa facem schimb de link-uri? Daca da, lasa-mi un comment ca sa stiu cum sa te trec. Pe mine poti sa ma treci Chirila Bogdan .Ms…

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