I am sinking …

…Well, I actually dont sink. It is just me, trying to be funny, in English. I told you, my English is limited and does not let me to express as when writting in my native languace.

But I am trying. Now I am not sinking but thinking. So … for you to get the picture …


…I put a picture.

Well … somewhere there in the nord it is I. Me. Mihai. The red dot. The other red dot … her Diana. Isabel. Rodrigues.Fonseca.Mendes. My half. So … aproximate 8500 km. Well, I am thinking that for me this was actually helpfull.

I alsways said I am trusting people andeverybody starts with a trust „account” with me.They can raise it or loose it. But, in my relationships, with girls, serious ones, I kind of started with no trust account for them. Sorry girls!

Now, wanted or not, I must give this account and believe me, a big one. Later on, I will see if it worths, but I think it does. So this is another thing that I am learning here in Norway. Trust. So, this is why I said I am thinking.

I know my writting now it is not the same like before, but give me a chance people !

Have a good night !


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