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I am going to tell you 2 stories. Or 1. Maybe I will manage somehow to make 1 from the 2 stories. The original stories I read some time ago … around 2007, when living in Buchares, in one book that I bought when being … tired.

The book name is  „Cafeneaua de ce te aflii aici ?”, by John Strelecky. I dont now the original name of the book.

So… the one that comes in my mind now is the story about the happy fisherman and ambitious business man. Maybe some of you know it, but than you can stop reading this.

It was in one village of fishermans, in some country, near a sea, gues what … a fisherman. And he was the best around there. He was fishing with his boat as much as he needed to eat and to sell to get some money, and the rest he was throwing away. He was  happy, earning money for his family in a way that he liked. He loved fishing, and spending his time in the open sea was a joy. Than going back home at his wife and son, was for him the best thing there was.

At some point, in that village, a succesfull business man came to spend his vacation. He wanted to relax and just enjoy the nature.

But than he saw our fisherman and he was surprised to see that he is throwing a lot of fish in the sea. He watched that one day, two days, three days … one week. At some point curious and with his senses of business man in alert he went to talk with our happy fisherman.

-Fisherman, he said … I was watching you and I saw that you are pretty good in what you are doing ..

-Thank you mister!

-But … I have a question and also want to propose something to you. First … I dont understand why you are throwing so many fish in the sea, at the end of the day … and based on that, I want to propose you to keep that fish,  sell it, make more money and more, than buy another boat, hire some other fishermans and than earn even more money … and than get some bigger boats and fish even more, build a storage for your fish and than buy trucks that will take your fish in the country and other countries and earn lots and lots of money …. and than move to the city, start a national, maybe regional or international business, and get your fish around the world in your trucks with your ships and become a succesfull businessman, with a lot of money !

-And than ? what I do ? Asked the fisherman with no feelings in his voice …

-Well, than, you see, you are a reach man, and you can keep your business till you get old, and than you can retire. Actually, than you can take your family and take them in a place like this, and stay all day and if you want than you can just have a small boat and fish.

-So, mister, you are telling me, that I should keep the fish, and start a world famouse business, go to the city and stay in those small apartments, and in crowded streets, all that for to wait that when I am old I can than do what I am actually doing now ?

Well, my dear readers, this is the story. Of course, John Streckely says it much better. Actually I hope I dont mix things and this story is in this book.

Than, the other story … is about one diver and the green sea turtle …

The story says that there was one very experimented diver that went to the sea, in a fisherman village. It might be the one from the other story. I am ok by that. So … our diver was one the fastest divers in the region and he was really passionate of what he was doing.

One day , when he was just diving around (… that sounds bad … ) he saw a really rare and beautifull green sea turtle. The green sea turtle was just swiming around, going from the shore into the deep. He followed. Struglling and struggling to keep the green sea turtle in his view. But, at some point, without a visible effort, the green sea turtle, just dissapeard. He was so dissapointed and went out of the sea. But, his ego made him to go the second day . The second day he saw again … the same story. The green sea turtle … and at some point dissapears.

The third day the same thing. All week the same thing. Whatever he did he was not able to follow the green sea turtle.

Than he just went into the sea, and waited. The turtle appeard. He did nothing , not a move, just paying attetntion to the turtle. And than he realised.

The turtle was from time to time, stop using the swimmers. Only, from time to time it was using the swimmers really fast. Actually the green sea turtle was using the sea and the waves. When the waves were coming towards ther shore the green sea turtle was doing nothing, as it is inefficient to fight against. But when the waves were going back in the deep, the green sea turtle was using that and hiting the water with more and more power, as she rested herself before when the wave was going into the other direction.

Well … and seems like I did not managed to make one story from this 2 stories, but for me it is only one. Now, I know that I want to be a fisherman, and need to be like a turtle, using my power only with the waves that will take me to my fisherman village. And not wasting my power useless with other waves. So … see … now I am a green fisherman sea turtle.

If somehow I am mistaken the books and I did not read this in that book mentioned, let me know … please. Meanwhile … do you know what you want to do ? And use the waves properly ?

The wise Minitu 🙂

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  1. bine bine..da azi e marti 13? todo bem? sau cum se zice? :)))

  2. muito bem. see you next week …

  3. sim sim simmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    si mai stiu ceva: sintho sua falta :)))..cred ca asa se scrie :)))))

  4. sintho sua falta ? insemnand ? …

  5. ca mi-e dor de tine :))) avut eu un amorez din brazilia in era el m-a invatat :)))))))

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