best business around here …

…I got it. I found the way to get a succesfull businessman. Volunteering is the answer.

We arrived some time ago in my parents house, and since than we are trying plan our next steps. And we searched …and searched … and searched some more.

And I have to tell you that I did not thought that you can actually make money out of volunteering. But it is true. It is a business. Pay, and not small money, but thousands of EUR or USD for being able to go in some third world country and play with some poor people around and go back with the huge satisfaction that you saved the world.

So, by saying this, I am going back to my search … now we are trying to see firs wich NGO are serious …

Oh, and by the way, we are good, and soon we start our journey around Romania…


See you !


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3 gânduri despre „best business around here …

  1. Hehe, now you realized this? 🙂 And yes, a good organization would be gold. Why not make your own? 😉

    I wish you best times home.

  2. Buna ziua!
    Va invit la Galeria personala de arta online, cu tablouri de sezon!
    O zi buna!

  3. Orsi

    Dear Honey! 🙂
    It is great to hear that everything is just fine with You both! And i hope you will find that perfect NGO! If not do not forget, i always need some help in my Escholinha! 🙂


    Honey 🙂

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