For the moment. The silence here comes from the fact that … there is nothing happening. We have our daily things, work for the lusitan, and shool also for her, for me is the never ending job search, and the

Romanian Cultural Institute in Lisbon, where I do some stuff, and more one project, that is happening now.

In rest, nothing. Amadora is as boring as ever, our neighbors as idiots as till now … we have the idiots with the dogs …3 of them, that all 3 of them stink. But this is old story. Now we have some other neighbors that are … professional furniture movers probably, and when they are home are training or something. We did not managed to identify where the noise come from, but we think that might be a conspiration and they do it with turns, cause the sound seems to come from all over.

Amadorian frustration. Don’t mind me.  We are facing bigger problems. Education. Or lack of it. For me it is unbelievable that in 21 century we have discrimination and people judge from where you come from. Yep, you got it … Now it is my time to be sorry that I am Romanian. Another frustration. I am really frustrated today. Anyway this blog was created with this purpose.

Well, to finish with this … I finish. Till next time …!

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